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Celebrity News Writer for Bustle. Previously published on: Scholastic's Choices Magazine, Seventeen.com, Thought Catalog, The Signal, Her Campus, & more!

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Open uri20130506 27621 o9b9ly article

Jerry, of Ben & Jerry's, gives senior class the inside scoop

Jerry, of Ben & Jerry's, spoke at TCNJ's Senior Week 2012.

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College’s Spring Fest stars speak to The Signal

Interviews with LMFAO, Mike Posner and Sam Adams — the performers at the College Union Board’s Spring Fest 2011.

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Spotlight on famous author and actress

Interview with actress Marlee Matlin.

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MTV's Jenks: Don't take 'no' for answer

Andrew Jenks speaks at TCNJ's Welcome Back lecture.

Screen shot 2013 04 30 at 4.54.30 pm 300x171 article

Chinese food favorite stays 'Number 1' | The Signal

If you’re going to order Chinese food — which is likely now that finals are almost here — I recommend choosing No. 1 China.

Sure, categorizing itself as number one seems a bit egotistical, but it’s actually an accurate name. Even though I was initially skeptical about its superiority, I’ve found that No. 1 China trumps other Chinese restaurants in the area.

Open uri20130506 15099 2ycr5h article

‘What’s the deal with this pop life?’: an *NSYNC retrospective

As I see so many of today’s young girls obsessing over Justin Bieber, I must confess, “it’s tearin’ up my heart.” What has happened to pop music?

Picture 4 201x300 article

Preachers rail against ‘fornicators,’ ‘drunkards’ | The Signal

“My friends,” a man identified as Rob said, addressing the gathering group of passerbys, “We are here because we love each one of you.”

Urging them to “worship the creator,” Rob said that students needed to look to a higher power instead of doing what he believed was “smoking marijuana in their dorms” to get what he classified as a new twist on the term “higher education.”

Screen shot 2014 09 13 at 3.48.09 pm article

Text alerts could be more informative | The Signal

In late September, I was sitting on the 601 bus, en route to campus from the Trenton Transit Center, when my phone buzzed, indicating a new text message.

It was an emergency alert, informing students of a sexual assault that had occurred off-campus and directing us to check our emails for more details.

Open uri20130506 23825 1513p2r article

Ode to the Puppy Bowl

A tribute to the ninth annual Puppy Bowl.

Open uri20130506 14897 11nfrqq article

British invasion: girl power in modern music

Dresses made from trash bags and bras attached to whipped cream canisters aren’t exactly the epitome of elegance.

No offense to the crew at the top of pop in America, but some singers overseas surpass them in classiness.

Open uri20130506 14897 7hpzdq article

Why #PLL is more than just a trend

‘Pretty Little Liars’ sparks a Twitter phenomenon.

Open uri20130506 27621 hrvnzh article

Car slides into students’ house, trapping good samaritan

The dog didn’t eat their homework, but Robert Veith and Zach Friedrich had an equally unrealistic-sounding excuse as to why they were absent from and tardy to class on Thursday.

Open uri20130506 15099 1ifgavs article

Snow day at TCNJ

Like powdered sugar being sifted over a carnival funnel cake, snow steadily sprinkled the College’s campus.

Open uri20130506 14897 kr4mvp article

Who hangs with Mindy Kaling outside ‘The Office?’

As a Christmas gift, my older sister surprised me with “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” by Mindy Kaling, better known as Kelly Kapoor on “The Office.”

Open uri20130506 15099 1iumavf article

Electro-hop partiers ‘get crazy’ at College

LMFAO, Mike Posner, and Sam Adams perform at TCNJ.